Park Editor Ready to Test

There's Park Editor in the game ready to test. It's really limited but still fun to play around. 

A new file is available on the main page that you can download if you purchased the game. You should not have to pay for it if you got the full game. The name of the file is SkateRide_EditorTest.ZIP.

Here's some info:

  • Only Gamepad are supported for now (not keyboard)
  • It's a flatground where you can place obstacles. 
  • You can't change floor height but you can use small block and slope. 
  • Unlimited map number that saved in the AppData folder. Manage your maps with in-game list.

There's still bugs left and I will do a buglist soon. Let me know what you found. thx. 

The roadmap from here is bug fixing, adding more obstacles and looking into preset map with different floor height.

You can send me your map if you want. I might do a map pack from the community and make it available here. 

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Hey man, any news on the park editor? 

I’m loving the park editor so far (had this since April and am getting back into it). The base game works great, it runs smooth with no problems at all but when I test play my park it’s crazy laggy. Is this just my internet or are you guys experiencing something similar? I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining,  I LOVE this game and I’m glad to be getting back into it after a busy summer 🤙🏻

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Awesome update, this is gonna be gnar when it's finished :)

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Will the blocks/ramps/corners be stackable in the complete version? wondering if that will be possible because it would open up a lot of opportunity for building bigger obstacles and different floor heights throughout the park. hope im not asking too much as i don't know what goes in to the actual process of making the game and how complicated or possible that would be. just input from a fan of the game. 

That was my initial plan, but wasn't able to make it worked. 

What I'm able to do is adding some "preset floor" with different height and setup. It should give more options for different layout and bigger slopes and gaps. 

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Wow, you actually added the pads for height difference. You're awesome, dude!

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Directional arrow is gamepad are bugged, they don't work in the park editor and they don't work when you play any map, therefore you can't really place an object in the map editor.

Also throughout the game the menu and the start buttons are bugged, they are replaced by pressing the R joystick for menu and L for start. 

Hey thx for testing the game. 

Do you have an xbox controller ? If not you need to redo the Gamepad configuration at the start of the game (press BACKSPACE). 

Alternatively, you can copy the file ''controller.sol'' from the SkateRide folder to the SkateRide_EditorTest folder in your AppData.


I played it on windows for the first time on my other pc and works perfectly. It must have been the controller (i have one).  Anyway, on Mac it runs perfectly using Wine! I just have to replace the files from the normal game. Keep it up :) 

Glad your were able to make it work!  

Yeah on Mac you need to setup the Gamepad even with a xbox 360 controller since the input data are different from windows.

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Damn finally!!! Keep up the great work man, I hope we can see this game on Steam! 


Thanks so much for this yaas!