SkateRide Update Ver1.1 - Progression Fix

Both Demo and the game has been updated to fix Know Bugs after release. 

- Fix a progression blocker if you toggle full screen before Choose Map menu

- Update image for unlocking map while playing with keyboard with correct input

- Cleanup Reset Progression behavior

You need to re-download the game. Progression should stay but Color will be reset. 

If you got the Progression bug, you will need to Reset Progression in the Setting menu even if you re-download the game

Check The Message Board Know Bugs for more info. 

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Apr 15, 2018 91 MB
Apr 15, 2018

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do we need to redownload the game in every update? thanks :) by the way great game been playing this since the demo :) and i just bought the game a couple of hours ago :)


I didn't set the game to do patch, so it's easier for me to re-upload the full game. 

Thanks you for your feedback and purchase! 

how about our progression? will it be affected every time there's an update? do we need to delete the old folder of the skateride every update? sorry if I'm asking too much questions. Maybe a guide on how to update the game? :)

Your right. I should add an description for updating. Thanks for pointing that to me. 

When re-downloading, you need to overwrite or delete old SkateRide older folder before hand.

Progression won't be affected since it's saved elsewhere. Color will be reset and you will need to choose your skater again. 

Thanks! :) I updated mine.